Sunday, June 14, 2009

Starved for Modesty

"Truth or dare?"
"Have you ever kissed a boy, other than your dad and brothers?"
"What about your boyfriend?" The preteen girls asked me agast. Her eyes wide and jaw dropped, I couldn't help but giggle.
"I don't have a boyfriend."
"Why not? You should!"
"Why do you say that?" Honestly, I really was curious as to what her response would be.
"You're too pretty not to have a boyfriend..."

This answer I was so totally not expecting. But to be honest, it really fits into the reason why I haven't had a boyfriend.
The discussion that ensued was more than emberassing, not because it was innapropriate in any way, but because I am uncomfortable sharing my convictions regarding not having had a boyfriend, and then the discussion that followed, which regarded modesty and why I dressed modestly... there were three pre-teen boys in the car who also ended up asking questions...
"Why do you dress modestly?"
"What is modesty?"
"Why does modesty matter?"
"Why don't people dress modestly now?"
"What does modesty mean..."

For girls, I can totally answer these questions, especially when I know their parents! But boys... this makes the definining a little more... umm... challenging, let us say, especialy when you are trying to be modest while defining modest. It's a challenge! But I made it through! And none of the kiddos were emberassed, just me ;-)
To be honest, I shocked at how niave these young people were in regards to modesty, and yet how open and inquzzitive they were about the topic. Especially the boys. Especially the loud, obnoxious, boundary-pushing boys.
However, the reward was incredible.
"Modesty is keeping everything that God intended for your husband or wife covered...."
(I hoped they wouldn't ask what "intended for your husband or wife" meant ;)
"Ooh... Why would you do that?"
"Because God created your body to be seen by only your spouse (husband or wife)."
Basically, this was enough to satisfy the desire to talk about this topic, which I was thankful for.
I did think it was pretty cool how responsive they were though, and thought I would share:

THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE WHO CARE... Even if they don't know what it means :)

God richly bless and keep you this week!

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