Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Am That and Who I Am; Part II

Creation of Life
Gently, these artistic hands pulled from the earth gigantic trees, lush green grass and fertile shrubs. Blessings them, I Am bid each plant to multiply and fill the face of the earth by the fruits and flowers of each plant, in accordance to its kind. After naming all the beauty of His work, I Am let the words of Life again flow from His mouth.
“Let the fish fill up our overflowing waters and greatly multiply this good earth.”
As these words filled the cosmos, earths womb burst forth mighty beasts and docile four-legged creature. Soft winds flew across the broken, animal covered terrain.

I Am spoke gently to his wild creatures, “Go all you beasts of the field and untamed things, scatter upon this earth and multiply upon it. I will protect you as you birth your young. Have no fear, for I even clothe the Lily-of-the-Valley. Not one sparrow shall ever fall and go unnoticed by me, for they are the Apple of My Eye, precious and genuine.”

Knowing all that was, and is, and would come, I Am brought up dust from the earth and held it passionately in his aged hands. Speaking softly to the dust the Great Creator spoke to it all that He desired of it, all that it would become and do. Knowledge and wisdom would be given to this next masterpiece. It would have an assignment, commission, obligation and duty to the earth and her Creator. And I am welded it into the core of the new creatures being.

Thoughtfully, the Creator spoke into existence Deoxyribonucleic acid. As the creature’s genome executed what the designer desired, an Imago Deo formed before him.

Speaking tenderly, the Master Artists, El Roi, breathed a life giving name upon the chemical-genetic substance.

“Adam…Adam, hear me. Be the namer of all things. Your calling from me to you knits the very genetic substance within you together. Be my son. Walk with me, Adam.”

Then El Roi breathed into the nostrils of his creation, who gasped with the breath of his creator. He was Adam.
Walking with His creature, El Roi pointed out the beauties of His garden. As they walked I Am beckoned Adam to name each extraordinary creature that He saw.

When Adam had named all the creatures of the earth, each with its own kind, each with its mate, he looked up to his father and Creator with longing.
“My heart is lonely!” Cried the single living human. “Have you created me to walk all lonesome, without a kind of my own? With none to multiply the earth with? As all your other beautiful creatures do?”

I Am smiled. He knew His son's desires. This new creation was not deigned to be alone. It was not good for man to be alone.

“Sleep son.” Into a deep sleep fell His creature. Meditatively I Am pulled from Adam a rib. Sewing up his side, the Master Artist breathed life into the rib, and began molding the rib to fill and take in the needs and desires of His son. The two would be one.

Waking Adam from his deeply peaceful slumber, the newest creation was brought to his son. Immediately, Adam named the creature,

“Woman! Because she was taken out of man, she shall be called woman. She is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.”

I Am blessed within the woman the commission to multiply the earth, nurture children, love her husband and care for them all. She was very beautiful and virtuous. Her strengths balanced out and complimented those of Adam, because El Roi had created the woman specifically for the man.

The wise and forgetful, fearless and shy, strong and captive, trusting and stupid, swift and slothful, servant and selfish were created. Every being was created by I Am. Every creature is seen by the creator. All things are known by Him. I Am is the beginning. The beginning is set in the hearts of men. In the Creator creation finds Life.
“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.”
Psalm 139:13 NIV

Based upon the text from Genesis 1:1-2:2;2:3-25; Job 38:1-39:30; John 1:1-4 using the NASB and NIV Bible translations.

El Roi is the name Hagar gave God in Genesis 16:13.

The name El Roi means: "The God who sees (me)."

No one is invisible to God.

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