Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day I of VII

Today was my first day in a skirt... for most of the day.

Actually this was an outfit I put together yesterday - blue crinkle skirt
And a plain white button up tank top.
No shoes :) Tromped a lot outside, gardened and took pictures..
And school...

And my outfit today. A green t-shirt,
And camo-crinkle skirt.
I didn't wear any shoes for the majority of the day, again.
We were at home for most of the day, and there is no need for shoes
When one has such beautifully created feet! :)
Okay, I must admit, I didn't get very creative in regards to
the hair style. But what can I say, I rarely put my hair up in a pony-tail:)

As I said, I wore a skirt... for most of the day...
The great plains winds picked up at our house at about thirty m.p.h. or more (starting at 3:30pm), which was highly unnerving, as the wind enjoyed "playing" with my skirt, bringing me to the point of being less modest than usual. I exchanged my very playful skirt with more somber jeans fifteen minutes prior to taking my almost six month old puppy to training class. Because of the wind, I didn't want to risk wearing something that could end up being more of an immodest-issue than a "strive to be feminine" leap.

I will enjoy taking more pictures tomorrow, and posting more about wearing skirts amidst the worm-wood, thistles, and forty mile an hour winds of the prairie!

Blessings in the name of Yhwh,
Miss Elisabeth

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