Sunday, July 17, 2011

Theme of the Week

Sorry I haven't been blogging. I've tried about four times in the past two weeks. (Really, truly! They're still saved under "drafts" on my computer :)

My sister gave me a BarlowGirl CD, and my thoughts have been more or less consumed by as certain song on it...


From their "Love & War" CD

"I have had the same dream many times,

It haunts my mind.

It starts with a light,

but it ends every time.

Oh, so many faces

That this world will never see;

A reason for your life,

but your heart will never be.

May our tears fall down;

Let them soften this ground.
May our hearts be found;

God forgive us now!

Oh what have we lost

Because we chose

We'll never know;

And loving you is better

Than feeling alone;
And all our claims to freedom

Have become these heavy chains;

And in the name of rights
We keep filling nameless graves.

Let the tears fall down,

Let them soften this ground.

Let our hearts be found;

God forgive us now!


The fight against abortion (murder of the innocent, freedom, rights, etc.) has been on my heart since my parents told me what it was (when I was little).

It's not right. I don't believe abortion is right, good or Biblical, ever, in any circumstance. Harsh, absolutely. But it's what I believe.

I did some lame online research (using the US census bureau, info from the US Right to Life, etc.) and found that the year 1990 was the "peak point" in the abortion industry.

I also found that:

According to the US Census bureau, 1.6 million were aborted in the year 1990.
According to the US Census Bureau, there were 4.1 million live births.

These means, based on the US Census Bureau, out of every 2.5625 babies born in the year 1990, one was aborted. In the Holocaust, the stats were only one out of every four children. Not one out of every two and a half.

The estimated number of abortions since Roe V. Wade, January of 1973, is 52,008,665.

The number of abortions each year has dropped a great deal since 1990. However, that's still lives whose blood is on our nations hands. God judges with murder, no matter who is killed, how it's done or who performs the murder (in the womb, or outside of the womb. Two days old, after conception, or 109 years old. Give me scripture that states otherwise, then I'll have a discussion with you).

If you stand by and watch, doing nothing, are you still innocent, or are you now responsible because you could have stepped up and spoken out?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

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