Monday, June 1, 2009

I Am That and Who I Am; Part I

Creation of Cosmos

I Am created the void. It was a void beyond our imaginings; a void without color, life, or light. Carefully, into the void I Am breathed life, which was the heavenly and the worldly. Without hesitation the Make named all that has been created. "Light shall be called Day, and darkness shall be called night." In promptly naming His creation, I Am gave significance to the nature of names. How one gives a name is based upon what they desire the legacy of that unnamed noun to be.
The first chapter of the Gospel of John says "the light shined in the darkness, bu the darkness did not understand it." Already good and evil are made clear. What is good attempts to influence that which is evil. However, evil does not understand that which is good, and so Hades and Heaven are also created.
Now that the foundation of our worldly cosmos has been put into place, I Am begins His poetic arrangement of earth corner stones.
Oceans separate heaven from earth and the land from the seas. Mists from the ground waters earth, though vegetation has yet to be molded into its place in nature. Methodically measuring all that was created I am stretched the line of earth's horizon. As they were singing their nighttime lullabies, the Creator places His stars into the expansive ocean of sky. Because of the delicacy of these great constellations, I Am took each one in His mighty hands and, placing them amidst the stars, anointed them each with a name; "Orion shall be a mighty hunter of the sky." Wording this, I Am's Sons of Heaven shouted for Joy, harmonizing with the Stars in praising the Creator of all.
Knowing trouble would come (and that creation would not be as the Creator desired) I Am stored away magnificent amounts of sparking snow and immeasurable quantities of gem-like hail in His treasury.
Diving deep into earths great expanse, our Creator shut the doors of the sea- restraining it from going any further than He intended it and disallowing it to swallow up the land with its untamed waves.
As He was creating them, the clouds were numbered by wisdom and flew from His potters hands to clothe the earth. Night's obscure gloom coddled the earth in its gentle clutches. I Am knew it's goodness.
He fixed a limit for all things, and no creation wold do what it was not created for. Eternity knew its place.
Waking the Springs of the sea, He ran the breadth of the earth, channeling the overflowing waters.
Light is the life of men. The Word is Light. I Am breathed the Word. I Am is the Word.

Blessings in the name of Christ,
Miss Elisabeth

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