Saturday, February 20, 2010

Christa-Taylor Give Away!!!

I found this wonderful Give-Away on the Tea Rose Home blog I am so excited to introduce Christa Taylor to you all. She designs classical, vintage inspired clothing. She wants to present to the world that modest, fashion-forward women should be seen and heard. The brand focuses on sophistication, quality and value in an understated collection. Christa Taylor is committed to contributing to numerous philanthropic causes while creating stylish Fashions for the Empowered Traditionalist.

Christa Taylor has modest and pretty dresses and other items worth checking out! They added some new items for spring. Lovely, fun, girly, feminine, vibrant, modest dresses, for any occasion, but which, in any case, look as if they would make you feel like the woman you are!

Have you visited her site? Her blog is full of wonderful fashion ideas, hair styles, and absolutely teeming with modesty "how to," tips :) "how to stay fashionable AND modest!!!!"

Christa is giving away, this very pretty Apron for Tea Rose Home readers! (

Just imagine, you are wearing this apron at home... doesn't matter if you have guests over or just doing house work alone, wearing a pretty apron like this makes the house work much more enjoyable. Wouldn't you agree?

Here is how you can enter:

1. Visit the "Tea Rose Home" blog, at

2. Leave a comment on the post (you will get one entry) on The Tea Rose Home blogspot

3. Become follower of The Tea Rose Home and show her your beautiful face on my side bar (second entry)

4. Blog about this giveaway on your blog and link back (third entry)

Sachiko, on The Tea Rose Home, will close the entry on the midnight of the 25th, then will post the winner on the morning of February 26th. Good luck everyone!


So, I have decided, after great argumentation with my inner-self, to cut out coffee, dairy milk and extra non-organic sugars out of my diet. That is, extra sugary foods (cookies, ice-cream, sugar in tea, etc., and so forth.)

This did all start after I read a friends blog post (click the post title to navigate to her blog) on the "race" Paul talks about in Hebrews... serious conviction... And she's on no sugar, at all... harsh!

'Tis tragic, I know... But the good news is, my dedication to this new-found "way of life" will not stop me from eating the ever healthy Chocolate! Dude, that would be, almost, sacreligious!

Ideally, I would like to be going somewhat all-organic all together, but we really cannot afford it (at all). Does any one have any ideas as how to keep things organic and more healthy than the typical American, and still maintain a relatively cheap grocery budget?
(and just for the record, I don't think I could ever give this up, permenantly, without some sort of major conviction, or deadly-disease... But hey, isn't dark chocolate suppose to be actually healthy for you, any how?)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Knitting Ideas

Since our family has been fighting illness, I have taken this opportunity to start knitting again... knit-one, pearl-one, knit-one, pearl-one...

The color of the project, which is a scarf, is a deepy, grape purple. Very lovely. I will have to be very careful with how and with what I wear the scarf, however, as dark colors are not something that are usualy worn in casual clothing. However, I enjoy a good challenge and am feeling the need to be much more daring and adventuresome in the fashion department.

Purple all by itself is rather boring, so I was thinking about trimming the edges with lace, or buttons; beads or... not sure what else.

So this evening I have been scowering the internet (since I have not other medium of research at my disposal, at this time in life) for ideas that would be, not only fashionably, but also tasteful and in my liking.

Basically, today has been filled with pondering how to to add more detail to the scarf...

Any input is more than welcome!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hi Again!

It's been awefully long since I have posted anything on this blog of femininity and girlieness.... too long!
I must say I have quite missed clacking away on the computer, writing about fashion, femininity, modesty, woman-hood and the call of young ladies by Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Catching up:

Since the fire, I have had the wonderful opporunity to attend a History Museum, where I learned about the importanct of swords, the differnet types of swords, and that I aspire to (someday) learn how to use the Rapier (and... umm.... buy one :-D VERY lady-like, I know). The gentleman who was showing off his wonderful weapons of war was quite engaged with my brother, friend and I, as we asked questions related to the wonders of the historic correctness movies (such as Princess Bride) portray about weapontry.

(it was quite enjoyable) As a side note, I also found out that I was defined as "Arwen"
on a "what Lord of the Rings character" quiz that I took...

So the Rapier makes sense... right?

Another thing that "happened upon me..." Or more approprietly, something I was drafted into..
Mom directs a drama performance for a local home school drama competition. This year the woman who who assisted her is not only a talanted actress, herself, but a beautiful gifted seamstress!
In fact, she either taylored or completely built, from scratch, the incredibly beautiful costumes the young ladies and gentlmen were privilaged to wear in front of a public audienc! (I was so jealous!)
And I have discovered that I absolutely adore Christa-Taylor's blog, as well as fashion line :)
PLEASE visite: