Monday, June 20, 2011

Beauty School

March 2011, I began Cosmetology, or Beauty School.
Since then I have closed my facebook account, and more or less disappeared from all society, except for school, and my weekend job.
I've been asked numerous times what I'm doing, what I'm learning, how school is going, what is new with life, "what's up," what I do on the weekends, and what I do for fun.
Since this program is only a year long, I'm taking the opportunity to submerge myself in all thing Beautiful and Cosmetic.
For the next several months, this blog will be dedicated to tips of the beauty trade, secrets for the beautiful women, health benefits of certain products, under-cover beauty products (these are items found in the kitchen), and what I consider fun, enjoyable, interesting, captivating and inspiring. I am challenging myself to write a post three to four times per week, and absolutely no less than three posts a week.
I hope you enjoy the journey, and learn many things :)

Miss Elisabeth :)

Love God, love man;
Serve God, serve man.

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