Friday, February 5, 2010

Hi Again!

It's been awefully long since I have posted anything on this blog of femininity and girlieness.... too long!
I must say I have quite missed clacking away on the computer, writing about fashion, femininity, modesty, woman-hood and the call of young ladies by Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Catching up:

Since the fire, I have had the wonderful opporunity to attend a History Museum, where I learned about the importanct of swords, the differnet types of swords, and that I aspire to (someday) learn how to use the Rapier (and... umm.... buy one :-D VERY lady-like, I know). The gentleman who was showing off his wonderful weapons of war was quite engaged with my brother, friend and I, as we asked questions related to the wonders of the historic correctness movies (such as Princess Bride) portray about weapontry.

(it was quite enjoyable) As a side note, I also found out that I was defined as "Arwen"
on a "what Lord of the Rings character" quiz that I took...

So the Rapier makes sense... right?

Another thing that "happened upon me..." Or more approprietly, something I was drafted into..
Mom directs a drama performance for a local home school drama competition. This year the woman who who assisted her is not only a talanted actress, herself, but a beautiful gifted seamstress!
In fact, she either taylored or completely built, from scratch, the incredibly beautiful costumes the young ladies and gentlmen were privilaged to wear in front of a public audienc! (I was so jealous!)
And I have discovered that I absolutely adore Christa-Taylor's blog, as well as fashion line :)
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