Sunday, May 31, 2009

Well it has taken a few weeks to get this blog up and running, but here it finally is।

On of the most time-consuming passions in my life is femininity, and has been for several years। Femininity is more than how a woman dresses, or even acts; it's who they are at the very core of their being।

Of course, like all God-given things in this good earth, femininity can be beaten down, tampered with, and even almost destroyed - but it will always be present in those who God has created to be Woman. Hiding, lurking, desiring to come out and be rejuvenated, but in many cases in our culture, femininity is dying on the vine, desperate to escape from our male-friendly culture, flee from the macho-ality of so many woman today, and be cultivated, to flourish and bless.

In our culture today, not only is femininity trampled on, but masculinity is attacked, chewed up and spit out on a day-to-day, minute-by-minute basis. Take, for example, the new trend teenage/ young "adult" men have adopted in wearing their pants in such a way that allows their boxers to not only very obviously show, but quite obviously shout "LOOK HERE!" This, in my opinion, is not at all masculine, but rather another way to tromp on masculinity as God created it to be (modest, protective, strong, solid... etc. and so forth).

In no possible way do I know everything there is to know about femininity, modesty, beauty, or fashion, and I certainly am not a theologian of any kind, however, I deeply desire to serve my Lord and Savior in every way I possibly can. I have felt God leading me to expound on my ideas of the Lost Art of Femininity, and pursue this with all my heart, I merely see this as one way to do that - to research in the ways that I can and then write about what I have learned. Not only is this a way or processing that which is researched, but it is sharing my finds, discoveries, thoughts and opinions.

Again, this is merely my perspective, and not yours. You do not have to accept what is written here as fact, for it is not, I only desire to share my deep want for femininity to again bloom in this world as God created it to be, and maybe, just maybe, I can begin doing that, make a little bit of a difference, starting here.

God bless and keep you, my reader!

~ Miss Elizabeth

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