Monday, July 20, 2009

Wow! Anyone Look at the Hottest Fashion?

Short-shorts anyone.
This seems to be the style of the century.
Please visit:
Beautifully designed dress -
minus the very sensual painting on the front
Brought to you be
It reminds me of something Padme Amadala would design
based on a bad dream she had
the night before - random thought ;) Both this and the below image are from
Maybe I just don't understand, but the shear look
is just not working for me.

So I was googling "2o09 Fashion Trends" and was rather shocked at what I found!
"See Through and Shear Fashion Trends: The hottest look for 2008
and 2009"

And I'm sorry, but I just don't see how this is at all attractive. Okay, sure if you keep everything that God intended for only your spouse to see covered, and use shear fabric as an accent, then I can certainly see how wearing some shear articles could be an absolute blast - but let's keep it modest :)
Why do young woman find it so hard to be creative and design their own outfits? I myself find it extremely hard, sometimes, when I hit an artistic rut and can't find inspiration. For the most part this is cause by my lack of courage in stepping outside the cultural box, or I feel reserved about wearing a particular outfit that is more feminine then usual, or has more character than the the group of people I happened to be in at the moment.

Culture certainly makes it hard to step outside the box and create your own ideas on what fashion is, and what your own personal style happens to be.
Using your artistic eye, distinguished sense of color and your own shape, you can create just about any outfit for any occasion you might cross in life. But when it comes down to actually wearing the outfit in public... well... nobody else is wearing anything like it!! And this is where I begin to clam up and shut-down.

"What will they think?"
"No one else is dressed like this?"
"I'm over-dressed!"
"Who will be looking?"
"It makes me look good... and guys will notice me!"

I happen to be quite a shy person. I just out-grew hiding behind my mom when I was thirteen and was no longer short enough to actually hide behind her (I am taller than mom). I enjoy acting on the stage, but when I'm off the stage my favorite thing in the world is not to be noticed, I like to have privacy and generally keep to myself.
However, God asks us to be His image bearers: to be His light and life. His joy and love. His color and vivacious character.

How then can we live behind the scenes - behind the curtain - when God asks us to take center stage, lead, and walk down that red carpet in something that is captivatingly modest, feminine, flattering and vivacious - totally not what Hillary Duff or Miley Cyrus (or whatever celebrity happens to be the "hottest" at the moment) would wear, but something you would totally wear!

All this to say, I'm sending out another challenge out there!
I challenge you to wear an outfit every day this week that only you would wear. Something that shows your own personality, style and character. Something that is 100% (or close at least) YOU!! Something so creative that even Hollywood couldn't imagine it!

If you would like to join in the challenge, please post pictures on your blog and leave a comment with your blog site on it so others can read it and look at your pictures:)

God richly bless and keep you all this week!!

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